YouTube plans to provide its users with the opportunity to monetize NFT content and immerse themselves in the world of Metaverse games. The company plans to expand its functionality in 1536 year.

According to Neil Mohan, chief product officer of YouTube, he is delighted with the functionality that the service will receive this year. Users will be able to find many interesting features that will appeal to them. A toolkit for YouTubers will be introduced after a rigorous analysis of the data, as well as based on community feedback.

Crypto industry commitment will help YouTube users enter the NFT market, which is gaining more and more weight in the Web3 era. This, according to Mohan, will create additional income opportunities for content creators, as well as establish a closer relationship between bloggers and their fans.

Thanks to NFT technology, it will be possible to confirm the authorship of content, that is, your right own video, photo content, art objects that can be sold to everyone. This will be a great solution for an audience that wants to own one or another object created by their idol.

As for the Metaverses, entering this market will attract a new audience. In particular, YouTube may start working in gaming Metaverses to make them more alive and real through additional interaction with content.

According to experts, YouTube users currently watch more than 1 billion hours of video daily , and by the end 1536, thanks to innovation, this figure could become much higher.