YouTube запустит NFT-сервис в 2022 году

  • The video platform posted a vacancy on LinkedIn looking for a director of digital product management

YouTube posted a job opening for Web3 Product Management Director. It states that the company is looking for someone who will “define and bring to life the vision, strategy and roadmap for Web 3.0 on YouTube “.

The specialist will have to have years of experience in product management, as well as experience with consumer internet products and/or cryptography. Also, the vacancy requires “understanding of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, consensus mechanisms, NFT and other Web3 technologies“.

The YouTube service plans to provide its users with the opportunity to monetize NFT content and immerse themselves in the world of games with metaverses. The company plans to expand its functionality in 2022 year.

According to Neil Mohan, chief product officer of YouTube, he I am delighted with the functionality that the service will receive this year. Users will be able to find many interesting features that will appeal to them. The YouTuber Toolkit will be rolled out after rigorous data analysis as well as community feedback.

The commitment of the cryptocurrency industry will help YouTubers enter the NFT market that is growing in importance in the Web3 era. This, according to Mohan, will create additional earning opportunities for content creators, as well as establish a closer relationship between bloggers and their fans. and exchanges. It is worth noting that topics such as ICO are still banned.