Знаменитая Нью-Йоркская фондовая биржа открывает свой NFT (нфт) маркетплейс, с торговлей токенов и криптовалюты

  • NYSE is preparing documents for the launch of an online exchange for digital goods
  • It will include trading in NFTs, cryptocurrencies, digital media, governance tokens and art
  • Now OpenSea and Rarible will have a serious competitor
  • NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Based on the document, they plan to launch a whole range of services. It includes:

    • trading in non-fungible tokens;
    • launch of a marketplace for buyers, sellers and traders of digital items and NFT;
    • exchange digital currencies, which may include cryptocurrencies, digital tokens, crypto tokens, governance tokens and NFTs.

    Why is it important? The fact is that the New York Stock Exchange trades shares of many major brands, including McDonalds, Wallmart, Roblox, etc. These companies are already mastering the space of cryptocurrencies and metaverses. So, most likely, they will entrust their shares to the NYSE.

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    Previous NYSE Experience201080

    Last spring, the NYSE released a collection of NFTs. It was dedicated to the shares of new top brands that started trading on this exchange (Spotify, Roblox, Coupang, etc.). Then the management said that they are not engaged in selling, they only create NFTs for commemorative purposes.

    Today it became clear that the world’s largest exchange has changed its plans. Now they have an ambitious mission – to become competitors of OpenSea and Rarible.