Опрос VISA: 25% малого бизнеса готовы к криптоплатежам.

  • Visa has published the results of 3 months of work with cryptocurrency services

  • During this time, customers have made payments for $ 2.5 billion

  • Visa predicts that in the future these amounts will increase many times

More and more people are using Visa payment cards linked to cryptocurrencies. Clients made payments through them for $ 2.5 billion in 3 months, according to a company report. This amounts to % of total volume for 1184 year.

Fiscal Visa director Vasant Prabhu says this is a clear signal for the company. Consumers see the utility of a Visa card connected to an account on a cryptocurrency platform.

“It gives you the ability to use funds to pay for purchases, allows you to manage expenses, and everything is paid immediately and without problems”

Both Visa and its biggest competitor Mastercard work closely with companies like Binance and CryptoCom. They issue cards that can be linked to an account on crypto exchanges. Thanks to this, users can easily pay with cryptocurrencies in daily purchases, purchase interesting coins or NFTs.

Visa and Mastercard will not miss the cryptocurrency market

Cooperation with crypto exchanges is very beneficial for payment providers. Even when last year the Binance exchange was massively criticized by the authorities of different countries, both companies did not stop working with it.

According to CNBC, now Visa works with almost 22 by crypto companies. And they are even preparing to launch their own consulting center to help clients take their first steps in the cryptocurrency market.