Google Cloud нанимает экспертов по блокчейну

  • Google Cloud Launches Separate Blockchain Unit

  • They will use this technology for cloud storage and decentralization

  • They will also give customers the opportunity to make payments in cryptocurrencies

    Google Cloud Digital Assets Team will assist clients in creating, trading and launching new products on blockchain platforms. In a press release, they said they plan to be one of the first platforms to transition to Web 3. The team is also developing crypto payment options for Google Cloud customers.

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    Google Cloud will not be the first to use blockchain for cloud storage. Such services are available, for example, from Sia and Filecoin.

    The essence of the service is to unite through the blockchain those who need storage and those who offer free space. Such data will be located in a decentralized network, so it will be saved even if one of the participants refuses their activities.

    But unlike existing projects, Google’s approach will be wider. The company is looking to use blockchain to enable customers to build applications, transact and launch products in the cloud.

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    The new strategy will be led by Rich Widmann, a renowned lawyer and technology consultant. Previously, he worked on Google and Hedera Hashgraph products. The company does not comment on how many employees will work in the blockchain department.

    A week ago, Google Pay announced the integration of cryptocurrency wallets. The new option will allow you to store digital money on virtual cards of the service, as well as automatically convert it for payments in any fiat currency.