A representative of one of the most common mobile payment applications in the US, PauRange, announced that soon the company’s vending machines will accept cryptocurrencies.

This decision of the American payment company is dictated by the requests of its customers already using cryptocurrencies. The BNPL system was created specifically for them, which will allow them to receive the product and cancel the payment.

wide choice and the freedom to pay the way they want. Customers will no longer feel limited in payments, which will increase the attractiveness of vending machines for consumers,” said CEO Patel Paresh.


In addition, it is stated that more than 500 000 vending machines in the country will accept cryptocurrency gift cards from the most popular crypto exchanges .

To purchase cryptocurrencies in vending machines, customers must install a Coinbase wallet, and then transfer their funds to the PowerRange application. At the first stage, the company will accept crypto-currency payments in bitcoin, ethereum and Shiba Inu.

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