Twitter ищет ТОП-менеджера для крипто-продуктов

  • Twitter expands its crypto team

  • Now they are looking for a senior manager who will lead the cryptography department

  • The new employee will focus on web3, cryptocurrencies and blockchain

There is a new job opening on the Twitter Carerers blog. The company is looking for a senior crypto product manager.

The description states that the new team member will be researching DeFi technologies, including blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and web3 based on them. It should work closely with the creators, “especially in matters of their monetization.”

For these purposes, the senior manager must carefully “analyze NFTs and their tools, as well as community tokens, DAOs and more!” – the post says.

Twitter and Web3

Recently, the social network has been paying a lot of attention to new technologies. Just the other day, they released a new service that will allow users to highlight their NFT avatars and confirm their authenticity. So far, this option is only available in the paid Twitter Blue subscription. It costs $3 per month, but only works in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. By the way, Elon Musk mercilessly criticized such an idea. He believes that a large company should not waste resources “on such nonsense.”

Tess Reinerson, head of the crypto department of Twitter, shared the news about the vacancy. She hopes that this will be an experienced crypto-expert who will become her “mental partner”:

want to help shape the future of crypto at Twitter? I’m looking for an experienced crypto PM to join the team!

btw — not mentioned explicitly, but this person will really be my thought-partner in exploring all the opportunities for crypto x twitter ????

— Tess Rinearson (@_tessr) January , 20210

In her post, Reinerson added that Twitter will soon start looking for an engineer.