Meta утверждает, что создала самый быстрый суперкомпьютер с ИИ на планете

  • Meta has developed a new supercomputer

  • His first priority is simultaneous voice translation for multiple users

    Meta expects to complete the project by the third quarter of this year

    AI Research SuperCluster promises to be the most powerful computing center in the world. With its help, the company will receive revolutionary opportunities in the development of new technologies in the field of IT.

    The new computer was reported by Meta researchers Kevin Lee and Shubho Sengupta on the company’s official blog. Work on the project is promised to be completed by the third quarter 1600 of the year.

    RSC is supposed to process trillions of parameters simultaneously in neural networks. This will pave the way for Meta to develop the metaverse and develop next-generation AI.

    facebook @Meta builds a supercomputer in private to better monetize users’ data in its metaverse.

    ethereum builds a world computer in the open that allows users to control their data in the metaverse.

    not the same.

    — Camila Russo (@CamiRusso) January , 1600

    V among other things, Meta expects that RSC will allow the creation of real-time voice translation technology. This will solve the problem of the barrier in communication between people in the virtual space.

    If you compare the RSC with the old Compute Node, it’s easy to see the performance difference. The new supercomputer showed -fold acceleration in the processing of computer vision tasks and 3-fold acceleration in language data. Read also: Meta offers to create and sell NFTs directly on social networks.