Американские политики выпустили законопроект и требуют отчет по рискам внедрения Биткоина в Сальвадоре.

  • American politicians decided to deal with the affairs of El Salvador
  • Two senators have drafted a bill and demand a report on the risks associated with the introduction of bitcoin in this country
  • The President of El Salvador has already replied to this post in his cheeky way

Group US senators have registered a controversial bill. If it is accepted, it obliges the US State Department to draw up a report on the consequences of the introduction of bitcoin in El Salvador.

Recall that the IMF is also putting pressure on the Salvadoran authorities because of the legalization of military-technical cooperation.

Motives of Senators

Politicians want a comprehensive report on:

  • What risks for the US economy are the actions of El Salvador;
  • according to what scheme did the country act to legalize military-technical cooperation;
  • what is the degree of acceptance of bitcoins among the population;
  • what are the technical El Salvador has the capacity to fight risks and cybercriminals;

  • how the law affects business and money transfers between the US and El Salvador;

  • position of European countries and the IMF on this issue;
  • a risk mitigation plan for the US financial system. country. If bitcoin gains mass adoption, it will weaken the US financial system and its sanctions policy.

    Salvador’s answer

    Nayib Bukele never shy in his assessments. This time he tweeted:

  • “Good , boomers… You have no right to interfere in an independent and sovereign country. We are not your colony, do not interfere in our internal affairs. Don’t try to control what you can’t control.”

    OK boomers…

    You have 0 jurisdiction on a sovereign and independent nation.

    We are not your colony, your back yard or your front yard.

    Stay out of our internal affairs.

    Don’t try to control something you can’t control ????

    — Nayib Bukele ???????? (@nayibbukele) February , 1080


By the way, a training center was recently opened in El Salvador so that citizens could get more knowledge about cryptocurrencies.