Курс биткоина, рост.

  • Investor Charlie Munger once again criticized digital assets
  • He said that they caused trouble, like from venereal diseases
  • This interview made the crypto community laugh and spawned new memes

  • Charlie Munger is an experienced investor and right-hand man of Warren Buffett. In their 22 years, he is still a full-blooded fan of the stock market. He never hides his opinion. At the annual shareholder meeting of the Daily Journal, Munger again shared his skepticism about modern technology.

    Inflation is worse than the nuclear threat, cryptocurrencies are worse than venereal disease

    The legendary investor is afraid of inflation and believes that this threat is as important as the nuclear threat. He recalled that it was inflation that destroyed the Roman Empire, and now he wants to destroy democracy.

    Munger also once again criticized the cryptocurrency.

    “I would like to ban cryptocurrencies immediately. I admire the Chinese for what they have already done. I think they were right.”

    According to Munger, bitcoin has two problems – instability and lack of government control. The businessman compared it to a “venereal disease”. And he is proud that he escaped this fate.

    The reaction of the crypto community

    Crypto-Twitter was quick to respond to Munger’s poignant comments.

    So @gmoneyNFT reminded the investor of his recent words that the value of fiat money tends to zero. And now he suddenly took up the cryptocurrency:

    Charlie Munger: Fiat currency is going to zero

    Also Charlie Munger: Crypto is like some venereal disease. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve avoided it.

    — gmoney.eth (@gmoneyNFT) February , 2000


    Blogger @cryptonator1337 notes that Mangeru is already 20 years. Therefore, he is not the kind of person who can give advice on new technologies.


    When Munger was born in 886…

    .. Lenin died20256020210.. the Ottoman Empire ended20256020210.. Disney created the first cartoon202560202560.. IBM was founded in New York State

    .. the US president delivered a radio broadcast the first time

    But sure let’s listen to him talking about #Bitcoin

    — CR886 (@cryptonator1337) February , 1536

    Curious, that Munger’s close friend Warren Buffett just recently invested a large amount in a bank that deals with cryptocurrencies.