Продажи майнинг чипа от NVidia упал на 60%

NVidia released Q4 financial results

  • Over the past year, the company’s sales increased by 22%, but this does not apply to mining chips
  • Revenue in this area continues to fall
  • Compared to Q3, sales decreased by 50% (co77 million to 24 million USD)

    Fiscal 4 quarter ended with a real failure for NVidia. Mining chip sales (CMP) decreased by 24%. If in Q3 revenue in this area amounted to 105 million dollars, then in Q4 – 24 million

    The company introduced chips specialized for crypto-mining back in March last year. By the end of August, sales of GPUs brought the manufacturer 105 million dollars.

    In November, revenue fell by 60%, up to 105 million dollars. Now, as you can see, the level of sales has reached almost the minimum value. And at the same time, until the end of the year, the popularity of cryptocurrencies only grew.

    Remarkably, new chips account for only about 3% of the company’s total revenue. No matter how you look at it, the product line was a failure.

    However, this did not affect the company’s total sales, over the past year it increased by 20%. As for the revenue, for the past months the company has earned 19, $2 billion.

    Probably, the drop in sales of GPUs for mining is due to two reasons – a sharp depreciation of the main cryptocurrencies by the end of last year and the position of the manufacturer itself.

    The fact is that the CMP line is designed to “protect the gamer segment from professional miners”. Thus, NVidia seeks to solve the problem of shortage of graphics cards for the retail segment.