In order to effectively and transparently regulate the digital asset industry in Russia, there should be mechanisms to control cryptocurrency transactions, according to the expert council of the working group of the Parliament on the regulation of the industry.

The most effective way to mitigate the risks of using cryptocurrencies in Russia is to clearly regulate the digital asset industry. This conclusion was reached by the expert council under the State Duma working group on the issue of legislative regulation of cryptocurrency, in the meeting of which 50 people took part. Andrey Lugovoi, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption, informed RBC-Crypto about this. should appear in Russia for effective and transparent regulation of the industry.

Also, the expert council conceptually supported the approach of the Ministry of Finance to regulate cryptocurrencies, but emphasized that the project needs to be finalized on many points. Experts believe that issues related to the regulation of domestic mining, the role of credit institutions and the procedure for settlements, procedures for identifying and countering the use of cryptocurrency for illegal purposes, and others require additional elaboration.

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