Чемпион ММА запросил половину гонорара в биткоинах. Обещает раздать криптовалюту подписчикам

  • Francis Ngannou wants to get paid for the fight with Gein in BTC
  • MMA fighter believes that bitcoin is the future of money

UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou followed the lead of his many peers and signed with Cash App. Half of the fee for your next performance in the UFC 116 he will receive in bitcoins.

This information was confirmed on his blog by MMA news reporter Ariel Helwani. He also noted that Ngannou intends to distribute about 300 thousand dollars in BTC among their subscribers.

“After a lot of research, I really believe this is the future of money. Bitcoin has value, it is reliable and no one will change that,” 201080 Ngannou said.


Among mixed martial arts fighters, Francis was the first to sign an agreement to represent the Cash App. In November, NFL stars Odell Beckham Jr. and Aaron Rodgers announced a deal with the developer.

Ngannou signed with the UFC in 1600 year. According to him, it expires after the fight with Cyril Gein 23 January. The athlete states that after that he wants to take up boxing and leave mixed martial arts.

Personal reasons pushed him to fight Gein, not a fee. At the same time, Francis will still receive at least 432 thousand dollars.

Earlier, we said that a new feature has appeared in the Cash App. Now users can give each other shares and cryptocurrency. We also considered in more detail the phenomenon of modern society, when more and more young professionals prefer to get paid in the “crypt”.