Купить NFT без крипто-кошелька: Mastercard предложил новую опцию

  • Coinbase and Mastercard signed a partnership agreement
  • Users of the exchange will be able to pay for the purchase of NFT cards of this PS

On Tuesday, Mastercard’s press service, citing Coinbase, announced the new agreement. The crypto exchange hopes that this partnership will make the NFT market more accessible and transactions more transparent.

As part of the deal, Coinbase customers will be able to use MC credit and debit cards to purchase tokens on the new Coinbase marketplace. The management of the exchange believes that the introduction of a payment system will simplify transactions.

Before, to buy NFT through the crypto-exchange portal, you had to create a wallet, and then buy or transfer cryptocurrency. All this led to additional costs in the form of time and commissions.

The introduction of Mastercard PS allows you to remove all “unnecessary

” steps from this process. In addition, it is expected that this will benefit the segment by significantly increasing the reach of the audience.


“Mastercard sees a much bigger potential in NFTs. Tokens may go beyond collectibles and digital art. Engaging a new audience is the most obvious way to further develop this area,” said MC Vice President for Strategic Partnerships and Digital Assets Raj Damodaran.

Over the past year, traditional payment systems have increasingly shown interest in the field of digital assets. In November, Mastercard announced the release of cryptocurrency cards for Asia and the Pacific.