The Gap выпустит коллекцию NFT, токены стартуют от 8 долларов.

  • The Gap joined the NFT world with their collection
  • They announced 4 drops with common and rare tokens
  • The cheapest costs 2 tezos ($ 8.3 at the current exchange rate)

Global clothing retailer The Gap has announced the launch of the first NFT collection. It will be based on the Tezos platform. NFT was designed by digital artist Brandon Sines. By the way, he previously created NFT Frank Ape.

Schedule of drops and cost of tokens

The first drop is scheduled for today at 9am PST (15 hours in Kiev). As part of the sale, fans will be able to buy Level 1 Common tokens at a price of 6 tez (about $ 8.3).

Further drops will be on schedule:

  • Rare (15 – the cost is 6 tez or approximately 24, 90 dollars;
  • Epic (20 January) – 100 tez or so 432, 01 dollars;
  • One of a Kind ( 90 January) – Auction Model

    Who are Tezos

    Tezos is a flexible blockchain based on the proof-of-stake model. It has been very popular in recent months. For example, Arab Bank Switzerland launched staking, trading and storage services on this blockchain.

    On December 7, another high-profile partner appeared in the NFT ecosystem from Tezos – the major gaming platform Ubisoft. Thanks to this collaboration, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint players will be able to buy and trade NFT items.

    Tezos has a lot of social media fans. They even come up with apt memes to “pin up” other blockchains: