• A restaurant will open in New York only for branded NFT owners
  • According to the organizer, this will allow community members to exchange ideas and create unique products
  • The cost of a regular “subscription” to a restaurant is 2.5 ETH, almost 8.5 thousands of dollars
  • The establishment will open in the first quarter 2023 of the year

Hospitality company VCR Group has announced plans to open an exclusive seafood restaurant in New York City. Its distinguishing feature will be privacy. Only owners of special NFTs will be able to enter the institution.

The restaurant was named Flyfish Club. To be able to dine here, you must first become a member of the club. VCR Group has already launched a pre-sale of two tokens – Regular Tier and Omakase.

The purchase of the first one will “open the doors” to the cocktail bar, the main hall and will give the opportunity to participate in the events of the institution. This token costs 2.5 ETH (about 8.5 thousand dollars).

Omakase is a VIP package. In addition to everything that is provided for ordinary club members, holders of these tokens will have access to the exclusive zone of the same name at 20 seats. The cost of this token is 4, 100 ETH (20 432 dollars).

The founder of VCR Group Gary Vaynerchuk answered Cointelegraph in this way when asked why this format was chosen for the establishment:

“With the help of NFT, Flyfish Club can rally around itself a distinct community with unique opportunities. Thanks to tokens, completely new financial models are emerging. This allows us to create a truly exclusive product. ”

Despite the fact that the institution focuses on for cryptocurrencies, you can pay for lunch here in dollars. In addition, NFT Flyfish Club holders have the option of “leasing” their digital subscriptions.

The planned opening date of the restaurant is the first quarter 20140. See also: a cafe has opened in Florida, where you can pay off the bill with any cryptocurrency. Unlike the Flyfish Club, its doors are open to all visitors.