Цифровой юань станет универсальной валютой на Зимней Олимпиаде 2022 в Пекине

  • China wants to promote its digital currency in the Olympic Games
  • Athletes and foreign tourists will be able to use the e-CNY currency
  • Payment will be convenient – just download the application and replenish the wallet with any currency

Bank of China Ltd. said the country would allow foreign tourists to use the digital yuan (e-CNY) at the Winter Olympics. Recall that the competition will start next month.

How use e-CNY

You need to download a special application in the App Store or Google Play, and then top up in a convenient way (you can even use a physical card) … Any currency can be converted to e-CNY tokens.

By the way, the digital yuan wallet has become the most popular application in the Middle Kingdom.

Where and how to pay

Many shops, cafes, hotels and restaurants in Beijing have already installed vending machines that accept digital yuan. To make it easier for tourists to figure out what’s what, short training videos are broadcast on large screens in the Olympic Village.

China is ahead of the rest of the world

Thanks to the Olympics, the country is rapidly popularizing its digital money. It is expected that after this, many other politicians will follow the example of the Middle Kingdom. Ukraine in this regard, too, does not hesitate: we have already launched a pilot project of E-hryvnia for employees of the application DIA.