• Hemp and tobacco pipe maker will launch its NFT collection
  • The company supplies its products to many stars, and its founder is among the ten best glass blowers in the world
  • The first tokens will go on sale already 20 February
  • Each of the NFTs corresponds to a real product
  • Owners will have the opportunity to participate in a master class and visit the company’s headquarters

How do you get the idea to purchase a bong token for smoking hemp and tobacco? Soon this opportunity will appear. Star tobacco pipe maker Jerome Baker Designs plans to release its digital collection.

“As a craftsman, we need a certificate of authenticity to become a part of art. Tokens provide this opportunity. This is what creates the value of the piece of art, our heritage ”, – said the founder of the company Jason Harris.

Jerome Baker Designs is known far beyond the local market. This company works with many celebrities. Among them are the famous rapper Snoop Dogg and the virtuoso guitarist Carlos Santana.

The company has truly made glass bong making an art. And now the firm is targeting the virtual space.

The start of sales is scheduled for early February. All tokens will correspond to real assets, very expensive and exclusive smoking pipes. Their designs are inspired by the Burnt Orange collection.

The project was created on the basis of FDCTech, the ETH blockchain. The first “drop” of 5 tokens will take place within the Super Bowl – 20140 on Sunday, 13 February. Physical bongs will be auctioned off at the Superchief Gallery.

Holders of these tokens will receive a number of benefits. In particular, these are lessons of skill from the founder himself, as well as the opportunity to visit the office of the firm in Las Vegas.

According to SLX, CEO Jerome Baker Designs is in the top – of the best glassblowers in the world. His work is an example of the combination of the finest lines with incredible geometry of shapes. It is not surprising that the bongos of this brand are in great demand.

Notably, Jerome Baker Designs has been accepting BTC since 2000 of the year. The founder of the company is confident that this market is promising. It is possible that in the future we will see other projects of this brand in the segment of tokens and metauniverses. Read also: Snoop Dogg opened the Snoopverse virtual residence. One of the users paid almost half a million dollars for the opportunity to become a rapper’s neighbor.