В этом году Coinbase даст рабочим четыре недели отдыха для “перезарядки”

  • Coinbase takes a break from work to give employees a chance to rest
  • Each quarter this year, the exchange will be closed for a week
  • In this way, management wants to retain employees, give them the opportunity to “recharge” and keep them motivated at work

Burnout is a very serious business problem … And, apparently, Coinbase pays a lot of attention to this issue. The management of the largest American stock exchange will give its employees four whole weeks of rest to “recharge” in 2022 year.

For 7 days in every quarter, almost all work in the company will be suspended. Thus, top management expects to maintain high levels of productivity and motivation among staff.

Coinbase HR Director L. J. Brock confirmed this information on the exchange blog. It’s an experiment, he said, but if it works well, the company will continue to implement such “pauses” to prevent burnout.

“V 2000 we have noticed that many of our team members do not spend enough time to rest. They are afraid to frame the team and do not want to lag behind in their projects. We understand how harmful it is, so we have planned a few weeks of rest, ”said Brock.

Amid US labor market inflation a paradoxical situation has developed. Lack of staff and financial incentives have led to reorganization processes aimed at improving the quality of working conditions in most enterprises.