Microsoft потерял более 100 сотрудников: «сбежали» в Meta

  • Microsoft loses employees from AR department
  • Workers are lured into metaverse projects
  • The metaverse is growing rapidly and there is a shortage of specialists

Companies operating in the metaverse segment have recruited more 100 employees from Microsoft HoloLens department … This is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Former Microsoft employees participated in the development of the HoloLens product. This is an augmented reality headset that is used in corporate applications. But the product is not yet ready, and there is no one to modify it – the specialists have left for other companies.

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According to the data WSJ, workers were attracted by higher wages. The most respectable salaries are offered by Meta. But other big brands – Nvidia and Block – are also giving good conditions.

Competition in the metaworld is growing, VR / AR devices are becoming more affordable and demand is increasing. Over the next few years, the industry will develop, and large tech companies, startups and DeFi projects will make good money in it. Therefore, the talent hunt will soon become even more serious.

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