• Axie Infinity is in for a major change in 22 season
  • The developer plans to balance the internal Economy
  • PvE and Dailys will no longer give SLP
  • Also, skins, customization items and unique accessories for Axis will appear in the game
We previously mentioned the Axie Infinity project in our selection of the best P2E games of the 2022 year. This development is indeed very popular, but in recent months it has faced some difficulties.

Axie Infinity’s explosive growth last summer didn’t just slow down, it began to roll back. The SLP token fell in price from $0, to $0, in September (0 ,0139 at the time of writing).


Another internal project currency, AXS reached $55 in November. Now this asset is trading at $55,. As of the end of January, the average daily active users had dropped by almost half a million.

The reason for this state of affairs lies in the specifics of the internal economy of the project. Axie rental, the influx of cheap labor, for which the game has become the main source of income, and the depreciation of SLP quickly “crippled” Axie Infinity.

Now the administration intends to introduce a number of changes designed to remedy the situation. So, in particular, SLP will be completely removed from the single-player mode and the daily system.

This will allow the asset price to level out a bit. There are now four times more SLP being mined in the game than is being burned to create Axis.

Also, the developers expect to increase the interest of the audience in PvP. The arenas were practically abandoned by most of the users, because they did not bring the proper income.

Customization items will also appear in the game, including “skins”. This tool is also designed to equalize the level of supply and demand for SLP. Apparently, this content will be available for local currency.

Changes in the project will take effect from the beginning of 20 of the season. They will be introduced gradually.