Курс биткоина, рост.

Bitcoin February 4 2022 of the year made a breakthrough to $20 thousand, the market capitalization of the asset grew to almost $768 bn. Market sentiment changed for the first time in a long time from “extreme fear” to “fear”.

The rise in the price of cryptocurrency is observed for the first time in two weeks and is associated with the volatility of technology stocks on Wall Street. According to analysts, on February 3, Amazon (AMZN) shares unexpectedly went up, adding % to its value. And yesterday, at the moment of opening, the cost of these securities rose by 10%.

But this did not affect shares of Meta (FB), they just lost in price. We wrote about the reasons here.

The crypto market reacted to the volatility in the field of traditional assets in a peculiar way. Bitcoin and altcoins went up. In just a couple of hours after the opening of trading, the value of BTC rose by $3,000. This did not work well for traders with a short position. For the last 24 hours liquidated almost $300 million

Bitcoin price peaked at $13,8k according to CoinGecko. At the time of writing, the price of BTC is $13,4 thousand

Together with bitcoin, the price of ETH also increased. For February 4, the altcoin added % and reached $3,000. Although ten days ago, the price of this cryptocurrency was closer to $2,000 according to technical indicators.

Charts other altcoins also turned green on Friday. Among other cryptocurrencies, Solana distinguished itself the most, whose SOL token has risen in price by % per day.