Южная Корея будет наказывать за домогательства в метавселенных

  • Sexual harassment is on the rise in the metaverses

  • South Korea intends to look deeper into this problem

    They have created a special commission and plan to punish providers of metaworlds

The Metaverse is a new and still crude invention. It promises us many benefits, but keeps silent about some threats. For example, about how users will protect themselves and their children from violence and sexual harassment.

South Korea wants to put an end to this. The local Communications Commission has set up a special council to study ways to control virtual maniacs.

    Here is what we know so far:


  1. The commission will include 20 participants.

    These will be specialists in the field of law, media, technology and industry management.

  2. They will discuss issues inclusivity, sexual crimes and violence in the Metaverse.
  3. The authorities want to hold online operators accountable for the actions of customers on their platforms.
  4. The Commission will pay a special role to the protection of minors.
  5. 201920

    In the metaverses, cases of violence have already been recorded, their victims are mainly women and children. At the same time, tech giants like Meta are working to blend the online experience with the physical world as much as possible. That is, virtual harassment will take on more and more real features, and this is scary.

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    South Korea has become one of the largest game developers, so it is moving at a fast pace into the metaverse. Some giants are investing trillions of won to be the first to conquer this new sector.