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Today we are going to tell you about DePocket, a free DeFi platform designed to help users manage multiple addresses across multiple Defi platforms. The platform also supports more than 1500 Defi assets and provides support for multiple networks including BSC, NEAR, Solana and others.

With DePocket, you can track, manage, invest, exchange and store any cryptocurrencies and/or NFT assets in one place.

We have prepared a short guide for you on this product.

Connecting wallets

Launch the DePocket application.

You will see a window for connecting wallets.

Wallet connection windowДобавление кошелька DePocket.

Enter the wallet address in the field and click the “Add to tracking” button.

It is also possible to connect MetaMask and WalletConnect wallets.

Adding wallet

The wallet is connected. Now we see the total balance on the wallet in USD. And in the near future, the developers will “finish” the display of the daily PNL.

    • Interface

      App displays all possible tokens on the wallet with the ability to hide small or zero balances. You can also switch to the NFT tab, where your collections will be shown.

      On the wallet tab, you can:

      Интерфейс после подключения кошелька.

    • rename it for ease of tracking multiple wallets;
    • open BSCscan to display transactions;
    • add more one wallet.

      To the left of the wallet tab you will find a currency converter that allows you to convert your assets to the selected currency.

        Interface after wallet connection

        Click “Connect Wallet” and add another wallet as described above.

        Темная тема DePocket.
        Adding additional wallets

        By clicking on the “All Wallets” button, we see all the connected addresses and can easily switch between them.

        Switching between wallets

        Switching between wallets is also available in the wallet menu. You can also enable/disable their display there.

        Переключение между кошельками в меню кошелька.
        Switching between wallets in the wallet menuДобавление кошелька DePocket.

      Additional features

      From additional amenities:

        switch to dark theme, language selection (though so far only English and Chinese); Переключение между кошельками.Добавление дополнительных кошельков. switch between networks. (BSC, Solana and NEAR are currently available, with Ethereum added in the future.)Переключение между кошельками.Добавление дополнительных кошельков.

      • Dark themeДобавление кошелька DePocket.

        By clicking on the tokens, you can see exchange rate for the period you choose (day, week, month, year or all time).

        Темная тема DePocket.
        Tracking the price of tokensДобавление кошелька DePocket.

        Also a list of dApps (Decentralized Applications) currently supported by DePocket is available on the platform.



        DePocket is a free tool that allows you to spend less time switching between tabs and apps by comprehensively centralizing all your needs. Time is money, and you shouldn’t waste it.

        For more features, please stay tuned to the project’s official resources.

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