В Сингапуре компания создала блокчейн-платформу для отслеживания контрафактных вакцин от Covid-19

  • Zuelling Pharma has developed an SAP-based application to track expired and counterfeit medicines

  • On the platform you can find all the information about the drug from the moment of manufacture to delivery to the pharmacy

  • The application will allow both patients and healthcare workers to verify the accuracy of the medicine used

Zuellig Pharma announced the creation of a blockchain – SAP-based platforms for tracking expired, spoiled or counterfeit medicines. The project is especially important now, in the midst of the Covid-.

The program was named eZTracker. With its help, you can quickly and easily check the origin and timing of the medicine.

The platform uses blockchain to create a network of points for tracking the process of manufacturing, transporting and storing the drug. All this history is displayed in the application.


“Simply scan the QR code on the injection box with your smartphone . This way you can be sure that your drug comes from a licensed distributor,” the company said in a statement.


Also, the inventory of the medicine includes recommendations for storage, expiration date, origin, number of “transshipment points” and so on. All this is modeled thanks to the blockchain.

According to the head of Zuellig Pharma, it is impossible to forge an entry in the digital registry. Data points are loaded as the drug moves along the production and delivery chain, which eliminates third-party interference.

According to the UN, every year in Southeast Asia, the population spends from 591 million to $2.6 billion. The eZTracker system will significantly reduce the flow of funds into the hands of fraudsters. Read also: Omicron token has risen in price by 900% after the emergence of a new strain of Covid-.