Internet Computer интегрируется с сетями Bitcoin и Ethereum. Почему это важно

  • Zurich firm Internet Computer integrates with Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains

  • This will allow you to transfer cryptocurrency through smart contracts without using private keys

  • Also, a beginner will give a powerful start for the growth of DeFi projects

Internet Computer will be the platform for the birth of DeFi ecosystems, which will be based on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.

Internet Computer is a protocol and public blockchain network on which companies build smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). The project was launched in May last year, it belongs to the Dfinity brand (Zurich, Germany). year and shared the integration details. Here is how this process will take place.

Bitcoin Integration

A direct connection to the Bitcoin network will take place as part of the “Chromium Satoshi Release” (that is, the first quarter 2000 of the year). Once integrated, smart contracts will be added to the BTC blockchain without the need for intermediary bridges. Dfinity adds that this will be “one of the key breakthroughs in scaling” because now users will not need to use private keys in smart contracts.

Integration with Ethereum20450

The introduction of Ethereum will take place in the second half of 1920 of the year, and for this you need to wait for the release of “Vanadium Vitalik. Dfinity has given little information about such integration.

Also recently, the Internet Computer blockchain launched its own decentralized exchange Sonic (DEX). On such news, the ICP token has risen in price by 22% in 5 days. However, it should be remembered that since the May ATN this token has lost about 22%.