NBC News, citing Satoshi Labs representative Kristina Mazankova, reports that the company no longer supplies devices to Russia.

According to her, supplies stopped immediately after the introduction of Western sanctions. It is not entirely clear how the sanctions limit the supply of cryptocurrency wallets, however, given that Satoshi Labs is located in the Czech Republic, the move is quite expected.

” Bitcoin is apolitical. I believe that bitcoin can help in a variety of situations, and it will remain so,” Mazankova noted.


Despite the statements about the “apoliticality” of the first cryptocurrency, Satoshi Labs is not going to stay out of politics. According to a representative of the Czech company, part of the employees of Satoshi Labs is “directly related” to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Most likely, we are talking about Ukrainian employees of the company.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer of cryptocurrency wallets Ledger does not yet limit the supply of its devices to Russia. Now Ledger wallets are available for order, and the company estimates the delivery time at 15-30 business days.

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