Российская оппозиция против запрета криптовалют: «Посмотрите на Украину»

  • Russian oppositionists believe that the ban on crypto-currencies takes the country away from progress

  • Pavel Durov and the head of Navalny’s headquarters
  • They cite as an example Ukraine and Uzbekistan, which are open to modern financial technologies

Pavel Durov believes that the proposal of the Central Bank of Russia to ban cryptocurrencies “will destroy many sectors high-tech economy. The CEO of Telegram described his position in a long post on social networks:

Durov agrees that the authorities’ desire to regulate cryptocurrencies is a reasonable approach. But the businessman urges “not to throw out the baby with water.”

Here are Durov’s main theses:

Official bans are unlikely to stop underground players.

  • However, they will hit legitimate Russian projects and startups.
  • This will slow down the overall development of blockchain technologies. And such technologies are useful in many areas, from finance to art.
  • The ban will also lead to an outflow of IT specialists from the country.
  • 201920

    Durov advises to follow the example of the post-Soviet countries, which are open to innovation, and recalls in this plan Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Recall that the Ministry of Digital Transformation promises to adopt a law on cryptocurrencies this year and announces that Ukraine will become a “crypto-friendly country”

    The well-known oppositionist Volkov also voiced his opinion. The head of the administration of Navalny’s headquarters urged the crypto community not to panic, since it is technically impossible to prohibit such transfers. Another thing is that they will now be managed by foreign intermediary firms. This means that you will have to pay a higher amount for transactions.

    In parallel with this, telegrams are going to the end 2022 years to integrate TON services into your messenger. Already every owner of the messenger could see for himself by reading the news. It remains only to guess whether Ton will become a new crypto-tool against the backdrop of prohibitions?