• The tax office from the Polish town of Bialystok will hold an unusual auction
  • They will sell 0.4 BTC to the highest bidder
  • This is one of the benefits when a country legalizes cryptocurrencies

The question of where to buy bitcoins is usually indicated by cryptocurrency exchanges and exchangers. But now they will compete with … the tax office from the Polish city of Bialystok. February they will hold an auction and sell 0,


Auction Details

As with any other auction of this kind, the opening price will be below the estimated market value. It is 657,17 PLN ( UAH ). The current price of 0.20140 BTC, according to CoinGecko, is about 69 300 PLN. So the starting price is 4.5% lower than the market price.

Rules of Participation

People who want to participate must make a deposit of 1/ from the appraised value. This is the sum of 7 293,10 PLN.

Keep in mind that a low price will attract many candidates, and the final cost will increase. The winner of the auction will receive the key to the wallet in writing after paying the entire amount.

Does the tax office have bitcoins?

One of the biggest advantages of blockchain is the transparency of transactions. Polish tax authorities store BTC at bc1q3tkgkjrls293k5jdmt20210nf000s5netceqk3zk, anyone can check if there really is 0,40716622 BTC.

Можно проверить польских налоговй счет, там действительно есть биткоины

What does this news say?

The news is very symbolic, since a couple more years ago, cryptocurrency was not recognized at all in any state. Our neighbors have already legalized the crypto market and are starting to receive income for the treasury. Ukraine is also about to fly into this area: just yesterday, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a corresponding bill with amendments by the president. So it is quite possible that similar auctions will appear with us.