Мелания Трамп сама у себя купила NFT на аукционе

    Recently, Melania Trump held a charity auction
  • Everyone could buy her copyright NFTs and support patients with anemia
  • But by a strange coincidence, the auction was won by the creator of the token himself
  • The former first lady held an NFT charity auction. It was aimed at supporting people suffering from sickle cell anemia. It now appears that the winning bet belonged to… the creators of its NFT. Essentially, Mrs. Trump bought the art tokens from herself through an intermediary.

    Melania’s NFT

    The winning bid was made three weeks ago for 1800 SOL. It is a cryptocurrency based on the Solana blockchain. 1080 SOL today is about 100 dollars. However, it turns out that the NFT purchase was made by the person who previously created this token.

    Melania’s NFT was part of a collection of three tokens called “The Head of State Collection”. This includes the hat worn by the former First Lady on her state visit to France in 2018 and the original watercolor.

    Bloomberg News notes that it is unclear whether the creators artificially inflated the price of NFTs. Such fictitious transactions are prohibited for ordinary securities and futures. However, NFTs are not securities and their market is not regulated.

    Melania Trump’s actions are already criticized by the community. For example, a White House official noted:


    ” This is a classic Trump move, using his brand and supporters to make money”

    Earlier, former President Donald Trump called cryptocurrencies a “crime against the dollar.” But when his wife became interested in the topic of NFT, he changed his tone. The politician stated that “NFT embodies our American spirit of ingenuity, creativity and entrepreneurship.”