• Famous singer and fashion model Paris Hilton took part in Fallon’s talk show
  • She candidly spoke about her experience in the cryptocurrency and NFT sector
  • The singer is not only buying promising tokens , but is also preparing to launch a joint collection with Super Plastic

Today, November, released the edition of the evening talk show Jimmy Fallon with the participation of Paris Hilton. Among other things, the presenter did not ignore the projects of the actress in the field of NFT and metaverses.

Recall that at the end of November, Paris Hilton invested in the Origyn platform. In December, she opened “Paris World” in the Roblox metaverse. This is a whole island that has a replica of her Beverly Hills mansion.

As you can see, the actress not only understands NFT, but also actively participates in the implementation of projects related to this sector. And as part of the Fallon show, she even announced that she was preparing a new collection for release.

It is based on the Origin protocol. The partner is Super Plastic. She creates vinyl toys and collectibles, including tokens.

Moreover, the actress came to the studio already with a finished project called “Forever Fairytail”. This is a collage of NFT photos of the actress with her husband Carter Reum. The couple got married last year.


The first token in the collection went to Fallon. Guests in the audience received one more NFT. The host noted that this was probably the first ever distribution of tokens on television.

Hilton is owned by 20 item in NFT format. There are also illustrations from the Bored Apes collection, as well as works by Steve Aoki and singer Grimes.

In April 1024 year, she sold the Iconic Crypto Queen token for $1.1 million. At the same time, the singer herself claims that she has been investing in cryptocurrency since 2016 year.