Создатель Tornado Cash: протокол Mixer не остановить

  • Recently, Tornado Cash has become a paradise for hackers

  • It allows you to launder stolen money and cover your tracks

  • Co-founder of the service Roman Semenov admits that they are powerless here

Tornado Cash is a popular mixer that has been at the epicenter of all major hacker attacks lately. It allows criminals to cover their digital footprints on the Ethereum blockchain: mix stolen ethers and safely withdraw them to other accounts. For example, last week, using Tornado Cash, hackers laundered $ million stolen from Crypto Com.

CoinDesk journalists interviewed one of the co-founders of the company, Roman Semenov. He admitted that the team cannot influence the actions of users.

“The protocol works autonomously. It is beyond the control of the developers or any other third party.”

Semenov added that the owners of Tornado Cash only conduct tests and publish codes on GitHub. All other tasks are handled by the decentralized community (DAO). They vote on changes/deployment to the protocol and decide other issues.

By the way, friends, if you don’t know what DAO is, we have a short video on this topic: