• Nintendo summed up the financial results of the third quarter of the fiscal year
  • During the discussion of the report, representatives of the company were asked whether the organization will develop the direction of NFT and the metaverse
  • Nintendo believes this market is promising, but there will be no hurry to master it
  • The company wants to first analyze what virtual gaming platforms can give the average gamer

Nintendo game software developer does not exclude the possibility of entering the metaverse and NFT market. But at the same time, the company says that they are aimed primarily at ordinary users and are not going to participate in the console race.

This statement was made during the discussion of the report on the financial results of the third quarter of the fiscal year. This document was published on Thursday, February 3rd.


Analyst at MST Financial David Gibson asked Nintendo what the company thinks about the metaverses and NFTs. The organization replied that they recognize the high potential of this area, but are not yet sure whether they will develop it.

Later, the expert clarified that the answer was more about virtual gaming platforms than about tokens. Nintendo doesn’t want to rush into adopting this technology, considering how it can be useful for casual gamers.

This is an extremely common sense approach. It contrasts with the desire of other major developers to dominate a promising new market.

Recall that Ubisoft’s plans to create its own NFT platform met with fierce criticism among ordinary gamers. The company even had to change plans a bit in order to appease the audience.

Microsoft, in turn, acquired Activision Blizzard to “develop the direction of the metaverse.” This practice causes cautious skepticism among players who fear that “big business” will take advantage of the integration of new technologies for the banal “money pumping”.

As for the financial results of last year, Nintendo showed a loss of 2.5% due to the crisis in the production of computer chips.