• Michael Saylor campaigns to buy MicroStrategy
  • MSTR is an alternative to other investment instruments

Michael Saylor recently gave an interview to Bloomberg in which urged to buy shares of the company. In his opinion, MSTR is more attractive for investors than other bitcoin-related exchange instruments. positive returns. The reason is that the company does not charge commissions for investment transactions, as do funds traded in BTC futures.


Regular purchase of the main cryptocurrency has turned once successful IT developer in a major bitcoin holder. Now the share price and the main focus of MicroStrategy are directly related to the digital asset.

They regularly direct part of their income to the purchase of cryptocurrency. So, in January, they added 660 more coins to their portfolio for a total of $25 million. Now the total number of military-technical cooperation is almost 125 thousand

By the way, they rank first in the top companies in terms of the number of assets. You can read more about this here.

Now MicroStrategy is looking at new ways to buy even more cryptocurrencies. But what exactly, has not yet been reported. However, Sailor hinted that tokens can be pledged or reinvested to make a profit. of the year. Given the volatility of the price, its jumps and falls over the past months, one bitcoin cost the company an average of $10,2 thousand. Now MicroStrategy is in no hurry to make decisions, and any plans are checked for possible risk.