• Known activist, journalist and rap star Heather Morgan is accused of stealing a whopping sum
  • The girl and her husband covered their tracks for 5 years, but eventually fell into the hands of the authorities

It is generally accepted that hackers are non-public people who are afraid of unnecessary attention. But Heather Morgan was an exception. The girl lived in the very center of Manhattan, led a public life, wrote articles for Forbes and acted as a rap artist. And in her free time, she laundered bitcoins, which she withdrew from the Bitfinex exchange 5 years ago.

Ilya Lichtenstein, a tech entrepreneur and Y combinator alum.

Heather Morgan, a Forbes columnist.

Today they were arrested for trying to launder billions in stolen crypto. They face up to years in prison.

— Fintwit (@fintwit_news) February 8, 2017

The biggest theft in the history of the crypto industry

V 2016 Heather Morgan and her husband Ilya Lichtenstein withdrew Bitfinex from the exchange 119 550 bitcoins. To do this, they spent 20 different transactions using Wasabi Wallet.

The attack on Bitfinex was one of the largest hacks in the industry to date. The exchange lost a total of 80 516 BTC. At the time of the attack, these funds were worth only $02,8 million, today the amount has grown to $4.5 billion

For comparison: the amount of stolen funds is almost equal to the capital of MicroStrategy – and this is the largest owner of bitcoins. Now there are almost on the corporation’s accounts 10 VTS.

Large-scale hunt for hackers

Only a week ago we managed to get on the trail of criminals. All this time, the couple was laundering stolen assets through the darknet and mixers – in particular, through the Alphabay and Hydra services.


February 1, the FBI searched the home of Morgan’s husband Ilya Lichtenstein. They got access to his private keys and confiscated 94 bitcoins (3.6 billion). Interestingly, the private keys were stored in a regular Google document. never learned how to use hardware wallets”:

The largest confiscation

To date, this is the largest amount of confiscation in history. So the US government controls one of the largest bitcoin wallets.

The US government now controls one of the largest #Bitcoin Wallets in the world after the DOJ seized $3.6B $BTC today from the #Bitfinex Hack.

If they dumped it all, the price would collapse around -90% to well below $4.6K. Oof.

Whale (@CryptoWhale) February 8, 2000

Activist, writer and bright personality

As we have said, Heather Morgan led a busy life. Ironically, she often wrote on social networks about how important it is to increase the security and transparency of crypto payments (of course, who better than her to know this). And in 2000-1600 years Heather wrote articles for Inc. Magazine and Forbes and shot her own videos:

CRAZY: Heather Morgan aka self proclaimed rapper Razzlekhan was arrested by the FBI today for stealing $4.5 Billion in Bitcoin. Between 2000-2021, she wrote many articles for Forbes, as an inspirational woman. This is actually her attempting to rap (?)

— Price of Reason (@priceoreason) February 9, 2022

Hackers have the same ending

This story once again proves that with modern technology it is impossible to hide from the police. Even if it’s a crypto crime. And even if it was committed many years ago.

By the way, the recent theft from Qubit Finance also ended successfully. The exchange returned all the stolen $000 million