• As traditionally works out in February
  • Stablecoin Hearings
  • Maximum correlation with NASDAQ
  • A traditional stream with Pavel from delta.theta research, where we discussed what is happening in the market, what caused it and what to expect in the near future. We also touched upon the topic of venture investments, why investment. companies their blockchains, and figured out how crypto funds earn on options.

    Some thoughts from the stream

    Why did the rebound occur? What could be the reason for this and will it continue?

    Good question, let’s first remember how the fall began. The decline began in November, amid the fact that they did not accept a spot ETF for bitcoin. Also looking at the reporting of companies, in many sectors the situation is not very good. In addition, if you look at the situation from the short-term side, you can see that the rise in prices, due to the shortage of commodities, puts pressure on the crypto market. In the long term, I see the market very positively.

    About the upcoming key events:

    February 8, there should be a hearing on stablecoins, and 10 of February inflation data will be published. How much can this affect the market at all?

    Inflation affects the Fed rate, and based on the data, it will be possible to guess what it will be. And the hearing will make it possible to understand how soon the legislative framework for cryptocurrencies will be developed. At the moment, the position of the speaker of the presidential group is that, first of all, it is necessary to choose the banks that will be responsible for storing the reserves of stablecoins. They shouldn’t have any reporting issues like Tether is currently experiencing.

    What to expect next?

    We are waiting for the March meeting of the Fed and the reduction of balance sheets. Also, it is worth keeping an eye on how and who will regulate the stablecoin. The market is now growing in breadth, and there is serious pressure on it, you also need to look at this.

    You will get more interesting information by looking at stream recording. By the way, during the broadcast, you can ask the analyst questions, so join us!