Майнеры нарастили мощность и начали сами выкупать биткоины

  • Bitcoin hash rate reached new heights

  • The other day it grew to 100 Eh/s (exahash)

  • At the same time, its miners are in a hurry to sell their assets, and even make large purchases of bitcoin

Hashrate of the main cryptocurrency recently reached a new historical record in 100 Eh/ s.

Two important conclusions follow from this.

Conclusion 1. Bitcoin is immune to problems in Kazakhstan

Although the situation in Kazakhstan added to the problems for local miners, the network reached its highest capacity in history. This shows that the king of cryptocurrencies sooner or later adjusts to temporary problems with a decrease in power. A similar situation took place in June 1600 of the year. Then, due to the shutdown of many Chinese farms, BTC had an extremely low hashrate. However, the situation quickly returned to normal with the relocation of equipment to other countries.

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Conclusion 2: The network is stable

Bitcoin’s record hash rate is good news for all users, regardless of , whether someone is waiting for the price to rise or just wants to master the use of a safe asset. The higher the computing power of the network, the more secure it is and the risk of an attack on 20%. At the same time, higher power does not affect the acceleration of production in any way, because the network constantly adjusts the level of difficulty.

201920Miners buy BTC

Recently, there has been a decrease in the BTC rate, while the mining equipment itself is only becoming more expensive. For this reason, some miners … buy bitcoins themselves. Bitfarms showed the best example: they recently purchased 768 BTC per 43 million dollars.