В Одессе “накрыли” майнинг-центр, который воровал энергию из госпредприятий

  • Odessa policemen caught a gang of underground miners

  • Criminals stole electricity from state facilities of critical infrastructure

  • According to the SBU, the amount of damage is millions of hryvnia

    Odessa policemen eliminated a gang of underground miners who stole electricity from state-owned enterprises. In particular, they were connected to industrial facilities of critical infrastructure. Presumably, the activities of this group caused disruptions in the operation of transport hubs and railway transportation.

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    According to the SBU, two residents of Odessa set up an illegal crypto-farm. They placed their equipment in rented warehouses right in the city. Part of the profit would-be businessmen have already managed to withdraw abroad. The rest of the money was kept by the criminals in virtual wallets. pieces of equipment for cryptocurrency mining, computer equipment and reporting documentation.

    Illegal mining has become a serious problem in Ukraine. One of the latest high-profile cases is associated with the oligarch Kolomoisky. The businessman equipped an illegal mining center right on the territory of his factory.