McDonalds со всего маху запрыгнул в поезд “мемасов” в момент падения курса BTC

  • McDonalds has been in the spotlight amid the crisis in the cryptocurrency markets

  • Traders and crypto investors are offered to get a regular job with a minimum rate
  • And the President of El Salvador is “planning” to open his own fast food outlet?
  • For the cryptocurrency market, this year began with a noticeable drop. And although the rate rose compared to the value of the day before, the overall trend remains quite depressing. But the point beyond which mining will be unprofitable is getting closer.


    The Internet reacted to this situation with a surge of various memes, most of which are related to McDonalds. Unlucky traders who hoped for growth at the end of the year and played for an increase are invited to work behind the cash register in a fast food chain.


    In particular, this applies to the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele. And even if he still buys BTC, his investments have already gone “in the red”. At the moment, the treasury has lost about 20 million dollars. Well, what can I say, in order to return this money, Nayib will have to work for years 100, not less.

    The politician even published a poll on whether he should open his own fast food. Judging by the responses, we will soon hear news about new elections in El Salvador.

    Trolls from McDonalds did not stay away from the trend. It’s so much fun to make fun of the crypto community, especially now, right? And while Binance is still going strong, we all know what lies behind that smile.

    Musk also managed to “stick” and began to campaign for a chain of fast food restaurants to add the ability to pay in DOGE. The billionaire promised that he would eat a Happy Meal right in front of the camera if McDonalds agreed to this.