Фейковый токен Grimacecoin подорожал на 285 000% благодаря шутке Макдональдса

  • Users reacted to the joke about Grimascoin and issued meme-coins

  • Some tokens have risen in price by hundreds of percent in a couple of hours
  • We will remind you why such “games” can be dangerous

    A couple of hours ago, a hype broke out on Twitter around the jokes of Elon Musk and McDonald’s. The head of Tesla suggested that the restaurant accept dogecoins for payment and promised to eat a Happy Meal live if they agreed. In response, McDonald’s laughed it off with this meme:

    “Only if Tesla accepts Grimacecoin”

    In fact, the Grimacecoin cryptocurrency is a fantasy, such a token did not exist. But it seems that now McDonald’s has become not only a manufacturer of fast food, but also the author of meme-coins. In response to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-only hype, users created Grimascoins.

    For reference:

    Anyone can issue their tokens on BSC or other blockchains. It literally costs a penny. Thanks to decentralized exchanges, meme tokens are issued instantly. On a rush, the price can rise by hundreds of percent (and then quickly fall). As a result, only speculators make a profit if they manage to buy a large number of coins cheaply and resell them expensively.

    One of the grimacecoin tokens started trading at 0, dollars, and at its peak it went up to 2 dollars. That is, the temporary growth here amounted to 100 . After that, the price fell to 0.20 dollars.

    Фейковый токен Grimacecoin подорожал на 285 000% благодаря шутке Макдональдса

    Grimacecoins have appeared not only in BSC. On Ethereum, users also made such tokens and even boast that their asset has grown by 56 % in a few hours:

    Unfortunately, meme-coins are significantly harm the reputation of the crypto industry. Many users do not know that this is not a real cryptocurrency, so they invest and lose money. So be careful. We tell you more about this in this video: