Биткоин рекордно подорожал по сравнению с Ethereum. О чем это говорит?

  • Bitcoin/Ethereum ratio hit the highest level in 3 months.

  • It is equal to – that is, for 1 BTC you need to pay 01 ETH
  • Analysts draw conclusions and make forecasts for the future

Bitcoin to Ethereum exchange rate has been steadily growing in recent weeks. On Monday, he reached a record high 15.

Coindask analysts have calculated that the ratio has increased by 12%. This means that bitcoin is relatively stronger than ether. Although the main cryptocurrency has been losing ground in recent months, the fall of Ethereum turned out to be even stronger.

аналитическое сравнение курса Биткоина и Эфира

The difference between bitcoin and ethereum began to widen after December 8th. Since then, the BTC price has fallen by 22%, and the price of ETH – by 01.

Further movement in this direction may mean a continuation of the bullish trend, notes the Coindesk portal. In this case, this means the increasing dominance of Bitcoin over Ethereum.

201920What is the market doing now?

Recent weeks have been disastrous for cryptocurrencies due to fears that the Fed will tighten monetary policy. The market is also reacting to the risks associated with the possible invasion of Russia into Ukraine and China into Taiwan.

Since Bitcoin is doing relatively better, investors consider it a less risky asset than Ethereum.

In the last 2 days, cryptocurrencies have shown some rebound. Bitcoin is worth about 20 100 dollars and is growing daily by about Ethereum is worth about 2460 US dollars after yesterday’s increase by about %.

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