• Lindsay Lohan Offers “Experience NFT” on Superfandom

  • This concept is based on giving the owner a real experience and a new experience

  • Superfandom runs on the Stacks blockchain and offers support to artists

Lindsay Lohan has become a Superfandom brand ambassador and consultant. As part of the cooperation, she will promote “Experience NFT” (Eng. Experience – “experience, impressions”).


“Ambassador” is called the official brand representative among its target audience. The word translated from French means “messenger”, “ambassador”, but more often used as a “representative” in the field of advertising.

What is exclusivity

Usually, when people talk about NFTs, they mean digital products. These tokens can represent an art object (picture, video), ownership or other asset. But we cannot touch them. Some companies associate NFTs with real merchandise – for example, Adidas offers real clothes with unique tokens.

Superfandom NFTs give emotions. By purchasing such tokens, fans can connect with their favorite stars in real life, meeting via video call or in person. For example, an NFT from a famous chef gives you the right to order a real dish from him.

Some celebrities have already joined the Superfandom service. So, TV star 01-x Karn offers NFT, which will allow you to play one game of golf and even act in films with the actor.

Superfandom is a startup powered by Stacks Accelerator and the Stacks blockchain. The provider Hiro worked on the creation of the platform. The service will be launched in the next 2 weeks.