Американская компания выплатит первые в мире «бивиденды» - дивиденды в биткоинах

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    BTCS decided to reward its shareholders with dividends in BTC

  • With each share, part of the payments they convert to cryptocurrency
  • By If desired, shareholders can refuse the service and receive dividends in usual dollars
  • 05 March, investors will receive the world’s first bitcoin dividends, or, as they are also called, “bividends”. This is a new service from BTCS company from Maryland (USA). For each share they will pay 0.05 dollars to BTC. But for this you need to sign an agreement. If the shareholder does not apply for the “bividends”, he will continue to receive payments in dollars.

    “We want to reward our longtime shareholders for their continued support and encourage financial freedom by providing funds for direct ownership of bitcoin and other digital assets” – BTCS CEO Charles Allen.

    What kind of company20450

    BTCS is a service provider with a common capitalization in 10 million dollars. It is listed on the Nasdaq and has been a pioneer in the bitcoin dividend.

    The value of one BTCS share is about $6. Bividends is an experimental project. But in the event that it is in wide demand, management will continue such payments.

    Innovative approach to shareholders

    BTCS CEO Charles Allen commented on the dividend idea:

    “We want to thank shareholders for their devotion and give them new financial horizons. Enable direct ownership of bitcoin and other digital assets.”

    Meanwhile, a Miami-based company is offering a crypto-mortgage for 10 years. Residents of any country in the world can use this service.