This time @ivangbi came to our stream, our old friend, as well as a core contributor in Gearbox DAO and Lobster DAO.

The last time Ivan was visiting us was August 2020 and the stream was called Life After LTO. So since then he definitely has something to tell.

Stream recording

For those who do not have time to watch the entire stream, we have prepared a text extract.

Text version

What is LobsterDAO?

Andre Cronje had his own chat where I was, and other cryptans talked and learned something together. But after a while, Andre deleted the chat, and we decided to create a new one. Subsequently, we created an NFT collection for the participants, instead of the token that everyone was asking for. After that, we created a DAO so that the royalties from the sales of the collection belong to the DAO, and not to someone alone, otherwise it would be dishonest.

What are the interesting projects on the market now?

DeFi latest time seems to be in decline. Many DeFi project tokens have gone down very badly lately. Also, lately we have been faced with the fact that every few days there is some kind of hack, and most often DeFi. Of the projects that I like, I would single out GearBox, Element, Ribbon Finance.

What do you have in portfolio?

I have 10-% of BTC and ETH portfolio, 20% stables, % in safta (locks, vestings), and a little in stocks.

Thoughts about the Metaverses

I don’t think there are any Metaverses right now exists. What they are doing now is something strange, but it depends on how you look.

Useful tools

DuneAnalitycs – you can see different statistics. Twitter – follow the founders of the main projects and see what they post. For DAO I use Notion and Google Docs. DefiLama is also an interesting product, they post deep analytics. As well as Incrypted videos.

Any tips for promoting NFT collections?

If you are not an influencer, then you are unlikely to succeed. You can collaborate with projects. You also need to make content, show your uniqueness.

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