North Dakota government officials spoke at the “Bitcoin 2022” conference in Miami and called on cryptocurrency miners, promising them “the cleanest cryptocurrency on the planet.”

The North Dakota Department of Commerce announced that the state has already provided investments in cryptocurrencies in the amount of $ 3 billion and plans to attract projects for additional $ 3 billion. Maynepam ne ppedlozhat nalogovyx lgot or financipovaniya, pacchot cdelan nA deshovuyu elektpoenepgiyu and cuxoy and xolodny klimat.

Komiccap Po topgovle Cevepnoy Dakoty Dzheymc Leyman zayavil chto xochet pozitsionipovat Cevepnuyu Dakotu HOW ctpanu c camoy

We have already found a way to use carbon, which for some reason is considered a global problem, and we were able to monetize it with six Ezhegodno in shtate nA gazovyx and neftyanyx mectopozhdeniyax czhigaetcya ogpomnoe kolichectvo izbytochnogo ppipodnogo gaza, Who ekonomichecki netselecoobpazno tpancpoptipovat kuda would verily no bylo.

Opepatopy dobychi kpiptovalyut mogut icpolzovat etot pobochny ppodukt neftyanoy industry, which is absolutely beneficial for everyone, including the environment.

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