American e-commerce giant Amazon may start selling unique NFT tokens on its platform. However, you should not hope that Amazon will start accepting cryptocurrencies for payment. This was announced in an interview with CNBC by CEO Andy Jesse.

“We may be ready to add cryptocurrencies as a payment method to our retail business for now, but I believe the industry will get bigger over time,” said Jesse.


To a direct question about unique tokens, Jesse replied that he could imagine Amazon selling NFTs. Moreover, the CEO expects the unique token market to grow further:

“You know, I expect NFT to continue to grow very significantly.”


Jesse took over as head of Amazon in February 2021, replacing Jeff Bezos. Prior to that, Jesse led the Amazon Web Services division, and the Amazon Managed Blockchain blockchain platform was launched.

Rumors that Amazon plans to add cryptocurrency payments have been circulating in the crypto community for a long time. But they were all denied. Last year, insider information appeared in online publications that Amazon plans to start accepting payments in bitcoin. The first cryptocurrency reacted to this news with a powerful bullish momentum, but the news – alas – turned out to be fake. An Amazon spokesman told Reuters that crypto payments are in the company’s area of ​​interest, but there are no plans yet to use digital currencies for payments. Amazon has posted a vacancy for the position of a leading specialist in digital currencies and blockchain platforms.

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