В Etherscan появился встроенный анонимный чат.

  • Built-in chat has been added to the Etherscan block explorer platform

    It allows you to exchange information anonymously using wallet data on the ETH network

  • The innovation has a huge potential, including in the environment of transactions for the sale of NFTs
  • So far, the function is undergoing beta testing

Now users of the Etherscan platform will be able to exchange messages using to authenticate ETH wallets. The feature is called “Blockscan Chat”.


So far, the messaging client is in beta testing. It has features to block spam and unwanted recipients, as well as alerts. The administration has not forgotten about data synchronization between clients on different devices.

Actually, the chat simplifies transactions between anonymous traders based on ETH. But he also has another purpose.

“Blockscan Chat” can be used to notify the community about scams, suspicious recipients and scammers. Detailed coordination is essential when it comes to anonymous platforms.

Also “Blockscan Chat” will find its application in the field of NFT trading. This feature allows you to exclude an intermediary in the face of a marketplace for negotiations. When making a transaction through a DeFi project, both parties will be able to significantly save on commission.

As for privacy, Etherescan will not share data with third parties, and inactive message threads are automatically deleted after two years.

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