• The first ever fully virtual wedding took place in the USA
  • The bride, groom and guests were present remotely, controlling avatars based on Decentraland
  • The ceremony was held with the participation of a representative of the state, and the marriage is considered legal, at least nominally

Last Saturday, February 5, Ryan and Candice Hurley played the world’s first completely virtual wedding based on the blockchain. The ceremony was held in Decentraland in accordance with current legislation.

To organize the wedding, the couple used the services of the Rose Law Group agency. The company prepared an estate on the basis of a virtual platform, developed and recorded a marriage contract in NFT format, and placed it on the blockchain.

The couple invited more than two thousand users to the ceremony. All event participants attended the wedding remotely using avatars. The legitimacy of the marriage was testified by Supreme Court Justice Clint Bolik.

Each of the guests received a unique token. The couple was pleased with the ceremony, although certain legal nuances still remain.

The fact is that US law requires participants in a virtual marriage ceremony to maintain video communication in conference mode. There is no mention in the law of whether avatars of the metaverse can be used instead.

necessary amendments, this will be the first blockchain-based marriage in US history.

Earlier, a similar event took place in India. In late January, a couple from Tamil Nadu hosted a ceremony in the metaverse in the style of “Harry Potter”. However, this wedding is not completely virtual, since the couple entered into the marriage itself in a real institution.

More and more companies, stars and just public figures are showing interest in the metaverses. We previously reported that Paris Hilton called virtual venues “the future of parties.” We also talked about how a couple of Coinbase employees exchanged NFT rings when they got married last April.