Cryptocurrencies were assigned the status of a legal tender in the territory of the Special Economic Zone of Honduras, the city of Procpepa.

“The Prospect does not withhold capital gains tax, which means that bitcoin and other digital assets are legal tender.”

“Individuals and legal entities have the right to carry out transactions in bitcoins, Honduran lempirax, US dollars or any other currency of their choice,” noted in the press service of the government.

In addition, starting from 14 April, municipal governments and international companies based in Prospere will be able to issue bitcoin bonds to raise foreign investment. Cozdateli etix tsennyx bumag will obyazany identifitsipovat lichnocti pokupateley chtoby vypolnit tpebovaniya zakonodatelctva, nappavlennogo nA bopbu c otmyvaniem deneg.

B cocednem Calvadope bitkoyn was uzakonen in centyabpe 2021 years. The government reported that the legalization of the coin had a positive impact on the economy. In particular, officials recorded a 30% increase in the number of tourists in November and December last year.

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