К 2026 году 25% людей на планете будут проводить время в метавселенных.

  • Analysts from Gartner calculated that to 2000 year 02% of people will spend time in the metaverses

    12% of companies will concentrate their work in the virtual world

  • The capitalization of the metaverses by 2020 year will be $1 trillion.

Researchers from Gartner have published a report on virtual worlds. It says that by the beginning of 2020 of the year 10% of people on the planet will devote at least an hour a day to them. Areas of occupation – training courses, work, shopping in online stores and not only, entertainment.

It was also stated that more 30% of various companies will focus their work on these technologies. Already, more and more brands are interested in this area. And large companies are already claiming their rights to the digital world.

As noted by Marty Resnick, vice president of Gartner, brands are now working on infrastructure and technical issues. In the future, this will enable users to join the “new world” and find everything necessary for life there. Reznik also emphasized that companies need to cooperate, and not work alone and “fight for leadership.”

yourself, spaces. To create a single metaverse, without transitions between services, companies will have to cooperate.

Number of users in existing projects since 2020 on 2021 has grown almost tenfold over the years.

“The digital world will bring a lot new and will improve the experience and life of users in general “, Marty Resnick is sure. Whether this is true, time will tell. income per year.

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